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Georgina Thornton – Parr


Im interested in the practice of creating instinctively; each day we are exposed to different elements- may it be visual, emotional or practical. These influences impact how I approach each new piece. I love the idea of creating without conscious thinking, beginning each piece with initial unbridled impulse. To me this feels honest and truthful.
I am inspired by what’s around me- from a small detail… a colour relationship, organic pattern, texture, to the composition of a vast horizon. Predominantly painting in bold colours with acrylic paint, capturing hidden imagery of land and cityscapes, with elements of pattern and mark making- inspired by my print and textile background.
As well as as painting I also put some of my energy in to creating ceramic pieces; some functional and some sculptural. When it comes to glazing and finish I apply the same free approach as I do to my painting.



ceramics, mixed-media, painting-acrylics, painting-oil