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Helen King


Helen, originally a painter, is now concentrating on developing her skills as a ceramicist. To this end, she successfully completed an HND in 3D Design and Studio Ceramics at the Bristol School of Art in 2010.
Her work can be divided into two main areas. The first, stoneware vessels and bowls. These explore, the energy, power and sheer force of nature. Overlapping layers and the juxtaposition of different clays allow the surface to crack and fissure. An evocation of the sea is created using imprints of shells and designs representing waves. Porcelain slip added just before the clay is leather hard helps to illuminate the glazes giving a translucent effect.
Her other work involves the creation of wonderful, quirky chickens. These are mainly in stoneware but occasionally a series of earthenware chickens appear.
These delightful creatures come in a variety of sizes and glazes, each individually made, no two ever the same.


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