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Jennifer Payne


I started making jewellery and wall pieces in 2006 as a way of creating sculptural work on a smaller scale. During these early days I was working for several galleries, charities and arts organizations having completed a degree in Fine Art. Initially making jewellery allowed me to continue my passion for creating artwork – this quickly turned into an obsession as I discovered how versatile it can be working in metal and creating pieces of art to wear.

Having had formal training in fine art rather than jewellery or metalwork has allowed me to be both experimental and liberated. This changes my expectations and allows me to challenge my abilities.

I am excited by the environment around me and Bristol is a rich source of inspiration for my work. I am continually taking photos and mark-making as a way of developing new ideas. I am mostly drawn to texture, form and negative space which allows me to create simple, elegant designs. The jewellery and metalwork pieces are often created in tandem, with one influencing the other.

Each design is carefully handcrafted which ensures that every item is unique.


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