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Olga Van Rijswijck


I am a ‘self-taught’ artist, painting holidays, inspiring books and friends, all act as “idea-factories” and have some influence on my work. Arts & crafts is actively pursued for the sheer enjoyment and upliftment they provide and is very much part of a personal journey.

I am inspired by nature and enjoy landscape painting though also enjoy the challenges of still life and boats & “all-things-sea” are a bit of a passion. Absorbing the atmosphere and taking sketchbook notes for reference, I use these alongside my own on-site-photographs to develop into paintings. I work mainly with watercolours and collage. My work is in private collections in South Africa, Australia, Tasmania, UK and Saudi Arabia.

I enjoy creating colourful craft items, each unique in its creation, including charm bracelets, bookmarks, lavender bags & most recently I have been patching cushions and stringing bunting.

“I would like the viewer to principally take away from seeing my paintings and crafts the feeling that I have really enjoyed the process”




collage, painting-watercolour, textiles