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Toni Burrows


I am a mosaic artist who has exhibited work in the North Bristol Art Trail for over 10 years. My pieces are on a large scale and comprised of thousands of tiny pieces and found objects. They are inspired by stories. All the mosaic work I have produced is displayed in my house although from time to time pieces escape and are to be found in the windows of local galleries. Large mosaics are not for sale as they are both hugely time consuming to excecute, and personal to myself and my family, but cards and prints are available from myself or local art shops.

In 2015, I wrote and illustrated a short book called “The Last Apple on the Tree”.The images from the book were exhibited in Kidderminster Library early in 2017 and are often to be seen in local shops around Bristol.

During 2017 I began to sell prints and cards in Room 212 on The Gloucester Rd and pieces of mine are regularly on display in the shop window, The recycled nature of my work reflects the ethos of Room 212’s Eco House and I also show work in that beautiful house and its surroundings. Recycled mosaics will be on display in the shop front throughout November and December and visitors will be able to see pieces in The Eco House when it is open over the North Bristol Art Trail weekend ( Sat 25th and Sun 26th Nov 2017)

In November 2017, two of my mosaic pieces were chosen as images for the wonderful Gloucester Rd Art Banners project organised by Sarah Thorp and funded in part by the NBA.  One of the art works, entitled “The Arches Fox”  is to be found on a banner outside the bar Turtle Bay, close to The Arches.

I am currently working on illustrations for my next book.





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